Oh hi, we’re civerso

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Founded in 2014, reimagined in 2021.

Inspired by the cycles of nature, and reversing waste back into beauty, CIVERSO was born. 
 Ci-verso… Get it?

Our collections are ethically and sustainably crafted. We believe that beautiful, high quality jewellery shouldn’t cost the earth.  

Feel good, do good, look good – that’s our golden ratio. 

A female-led team, we centre our collections around the incredible women in our lives, who raise us, empower us, and inspire us.

Exquisite, ethical, and effortless.

“When I wear my favourite pieces of jewellery, it’s like body armour  – it helps me feel strong, confident, and powerful. And I believe everyone should be able to feel like that, every day. 

From golden moments to day-to-day rituals and everything in between – Civerso is designed to be worn and loved for a lifetime.”

Lucy Watson

Civerso founder